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Hold on to your seats and get ready for some edgy humor guaranteed to offend. In all honesty, his fame being derived from yelling about vapid shit was probably the worst thing that happened to him because the show became less and less about satire and actual comedy but rather more about whatever the hot button topic was at the time.

About the author: 1.) Sometimes eats peanut butter Right. However still, you've fully admitted to only watching a fraction of his work, not even knowing he existed prior to his reemergence in the portal and you think it's fair to critique his work on the grounds that you've barely even seen any of it?

Whether your main squeeze woke you up with breakfast in bed, or simply helped you take out the trash, let him know that you are grateful for his presence in your life. Find a healthy balance between spending time together, and spending time doing your own thing. To learn about everything he likes, you’ll need to ask him for specific details. Some men love to see a woman in nice-fitting jeans and a minimal amount of makeup. There's no guy on the planet that wants to see what you actually look like. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good, and do your makeup however you want.

No matter how big, or how small the gesture might be, just say thank you. If you feel your best in a killer pair of heels and red lipstick, wear that.

Germaine: I'm getting better, if that's what you mean. Pillz-E: What's this here with the thing of the wearable goodness? Pillz-E: This would be good as a medical scarf for the heating of the neck in the cold nights of the hospital habitat for man. Germaine: Pillz-E: Jeeze, with the machine of death... For when you want suicide in the head of death through suffocation of fun.

Pillz-E: That's good, with the getting better of avoiding death.

Episode 50 Pillz-E mistakens a blood pressure cuff for a Kavorkian Scarf, while Germaine is still recovering from her heart attack. Pillz-E: Oh, jeeze, with the cutting off of the air to the brain. It takes your life with the stranglation of the head.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Pillz-E Series: Creative Issues → Hospital Stay → Kavorkian Scarf → Do's & Don'ts Pillz-E: So, lady with the purple hair, how are you with the lack of dying and the death and the needles in the eyes for recovery of fun? Medical scarf gone mad with the choking and the killing and the death of your neck, with the lack of air in your head! Maybe I can save this for when depressants kick in.

Let your partner know how much you appreciate all of the things they do for you. The time you spend with your partner is awesome, but it's equally important to have great friendships outside of your relationship. Not all men, however, are looking for a girl in a mini skirt and caked-on mascara. Pilz-E calling the blood pressure cup a "Kavorkian Scarf" refers to Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who helped people with fatal illnesses commit suicide. If you've never seen any of ill Will Press' animations before, worry not - once you've seen this one, you've seen them all! In case you can't tell, I'm never the last person to critique Mathers. FOAMY LOVES FOUL LANGUAGE AND, SOMETIMES, CARTOON VIOLENCE. CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRIPTSpage opens in new window WANT MORE FOAMY? FOR MORE RECENT TIRADES, VISIT HIS HOMEPAGE (LINKED BELOW). CLICK HERE FOR FOAMY'S HOMEPAGE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY?

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