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In the meantime, he spends his nights partying, flirting, and having sex.After all, what else is there for him to worry about? He's hot, and rest assured no one knows it better than him.I know it wasn't published by a large house, but it was- in some places- very badly produced.Errors stand out to me and somewhat ruin my reading experience.

Inouye is a student, a soldering technician, and an MMORPG gold farmer.

He’s written for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Weekly, and

Thousands of nerds around the world erupted in rage over writer Alyssa Bereznak admitting in an Article on Gizmodo that she dumped a guy for being a geek.

Perhaps instead of shunning nerds, Alyssa Bereznak should learn to make the best of it by reading the book Are you dating a geek? Learn how to cope with his geekiness in sections such as: “Getting What You Want” and “How to Exercise Your Geek.” Also, discover how to plot revenge, diagnose common geek ailments, and find the perfect gift for your geek.

Ashley Byrne only wants one thing in life: to finish his tattoo apprenticeship and fulfill his dream of owning his own shop.

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