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There is simply no better way to describe Modiano playing cards than as the complete poker playing card solution.

The various societies carry announcements of available decks and advertisements by dealers.

The CPCC offers a service to its members by purchasing decks not easily available, and placing them on sale at reasonable prices.

The original Kem Plastics company now supplies the cellulose acetate (plastic) to The U. Defective Kem playing cards can be replaced by mailing the defective card(s) and the ace of spades to Kem.

The phone number for Kem replacement cards is 800-863-1333 x5719.

Made of cellulose acetate, KEM cards were bendable, washable and retained their shape long after paper-based cards had withered and died.Arrco used many different seals on their playing cards after the use of tax stamps was phased out.For more information on the manufacturers seals used by Arrco, take a look at the Manufacturers Seals section of this websiteretail market. Hoyle became such a strong brand name that after 1975 the divisions name was changed to Hoyle Products.The cards have the familiar slickness of a Kem playing card but these particular cards feel especially small and light, although the weight and measurements prove otherwise.The price from Apache Poker Chips is .95 per setup which consists of one deck of red and one deck of black cards in bridge size.

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