Looking sex london

And, somewhat unsurprisingly, it's the beach-bound hedonists of Brighton University taking the top spot, with its students averaging more than 10 sexual partners since joining the institution.It's considerably more randy than last year's winners, Roehampton University, which scored 6.32 sexual partners for its students.

For those who like their Instagram moments post-industrial, there's this hip arts quarter.Or maybe she just believed that nothing less than 500 pages plus 50 pages of notes would cement her scholarly credentials.It certainly reflects a heroic commitment to research.Sitting just across the river from the O2 Arena -- one of London's biggest concert venues -- it's home to studios, galleries, street art, a period-perfect 1940s-style American diner and London's only lighthouse. Try this: The Prospect of Whitby, London's oldest riverside pub and another of the city's nautical landmarks.Look out for the gibbet and hangman's noose hanging from the Thameside balcony.

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