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While on the trip remember to carry some bottled water with you to avoid dehydration.

You should also carry some sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, mosquito repellent and the business card of the hotel you are staying at.

While Ecuadorian women didn’t provide the same neck-whipping-double-takes on the streets as often as the ladies of Colombia and Argentina, there were a few diamonds in the rough that could hang with anyone.

Findings: Guayaquil produces the hottest women and they all seem to have been Miss Ecuador at some point and they all have nicknames (leave a comment if you actually read this part).

Height: 6'0"German beach volleyball players Sara Goller and Laura Ludwig form Hertha BSC.

Goller won the U-20 European Championships in Salzburg before changing from her old partner to Ludwig.

Her famous alter-ego “La Mofle” from the hit show 6-tie.Here are some suggestions that might make your trip safer and more comfortable.If your trip involves long stretches on a bus it’s recommended that you bring your favorite music with you (on a walkman, MP3 or similar device if you are traveling with a group).Now a beach volleyball player, she and her teammate Denise Johns won the 2003 AVPNext National Championships, winning them places for four big 2004 draws.It's unlikely Beason had ever seen a girl of this height before.

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