Rachel hurd wood dating

Evan and Rachel are part of the band Rebel and a Basketcase, and met in 2015 when they were both performing in a John Hughes-themed cabaret.

Hogan was searching for a "young English rose" for the feature film Peter Pan.

She travelled to Gold Coast, Australia for eight months for filming.

The charity worked with Coca-Cola and the Merlin Group, which runs Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures and the London Eye, to transform Christopher’s (CHASE) Hospice in Guildford, Surrey into a winter wonderland and gave the children at hospice a wonderful Christmas surprise.

And then today Jeremy and I have just come down to do a Nickelodeon interview. IGNFF: Must have been really cool to do a reading with Jason Isaacs. He's amazingly professional and brilliant actor, and he's just so natural.

We arrived at the hotel and we got to see Jeremy [Sumpter] and his family, which was really, really good. And I did an audition with him and I was nervous about auditioning with him.

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