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Generally, Ignite talks are designed for participants to speak about their ideas and personal or professional passions.A good Ignite presentation should leave an audience satisfied but still hungry for more!“I think any reasonable person would come to the same conclusion [looking at these videos] that the accuracy of the cameras is off.I think there’s a strong possibility that personal videos taken by motorists will be upheld in court,” says Johnson.The revelation comes from two videos shot by drivers inside their cars.Steven Johnson, of Upper Marlboro, and Mike Weathersby, of Morningside, shared the videos exclusively with WTOP. It isn’t edited; it just shows me going past the camera and it shows my speed on the speedometer.” Watch Mike Weathersby’s video below: “There’s no way that any competent and reasonable judge would allow this citation to carry any weight in a court of law.Both had been suspicious about the cameras and wanted to record evidence. I’ve got excellent proof that the calibration on these cameras is false,” says Johnson.“You see the camera in the video, you’ll see my clock on the dashboard, you’ll see my speedometer and you’ll plainly see it’s at 30 miles per hour. And I got the ticket that said 44 miles per hour,” says Weathersby. “This video that I have taken is far more representative of my actual speed and the cameras on the street were very inaccurate.

Ignite Sessions 5 minute talks with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds on a topic of the speaker’s choice.The author/provider of disclosed information herein shall not be held liable or responsible for content, errors, and/or omissions in information.Rates include taxes, port charges and admittance into all conference events that are provided exclusively for those registered for this cruise through our cruise coordinator.AAA Mid-Atlantic’s John Townsend watched the videos and examined the tickets with WTOP Radio in our investigation and says he’s horrified at what he’s seen. “They have been confronted with the evidence that their system is illegally issuing tickets and they should cease and desist.If this system is so flawed and you don’t do anything of that, then that bespeaks of corruption.” “I love the speed cameras and the great opportunities their revenue provide to do things for the community,” Morningside Town Councilwoman Regina Foster said in April 2012 of the cameras, according to the Gazette.

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