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In contrast, this urban dramatic comedy, his best-loved work, marked a major transition.It was his most successful, deepest, self-reflexive, most elaborate and unified work to that time.Woody shot this film, edited it, and then decided he had to shoot it again with a different cast. Taking place in one summer house with a interconnected web of people who all have attractions to each other, it aims to be an unaffected character study, but comes across as narcissistic.That's always the danger of making the type of movies Allen makes — movies simply about the relationships of little people in an indifferent world.

Enjoy and make sure to save this page in your favourite section for easy reference in the future.He's also run the gamut between great and awful more perhaps than any other director.With his latest, is a movie Woody had already made twice, with no room to improve.To add this page to your favorite pages simply press (Ctrl D) on your keyboard for Internet Explorer and Firefox.One of this summer's most unlikely dynamite acting duke-outs comes courtesy of Woody Allen's latest, "Blue Jasmine," a bicoastal drama with flashes of humor and transparent undertones of "A Streetcar Named Desire" that features the latest in the director's long line of compelling yet complicated leading ladies.

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